Kaavyanjali Ek Saprem Bhent............









This is an attempt to consolidate and bring to light hindi poems of various poets, mainly those poets who are not much known but the quality of their poems is in no way less or inferior to other well known poets.

It is meant to create a forum of all poets wherein one can get suggestions, ideas, appreciations on their hindi poems.

If you also write hindi poems, you are most welcome to send them and we will be glad to put them on site.

We seek the blessings of elders and well known senior poets for the success of this endeavour. We hope to get their guidance in due course.

Holistic approach is to promote hindi poems and Hindi language.

With these ideas in mind, presenting to you Kaavyanjai - Ek Saprem Bhent.

To read poems click on "Poems" link and to know about Poets, click on "About Poets". Now, start your journey and please don't forget to give your feedback.



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