Kaavyanjali Ek Saprem Bhent............





If you also write hindi poems and want to share them with the world, then you have come to the right place.

If you think your poems are no less than poems of various well-known poets then let world also acknowledge it and Kaavyanjali will help you in accomplishing this task.

You send us your poem(s) and we will put them on this site. You will also get appreciations and feedback on your poems.

Follow the 3 easy steps mentioned below and enter the world of Kaavyanjali.........

(1) Type you poems in hindi using appropriate editing tools.


Convert your poems to hindi using online translation help of various sites. For example-www.aczone.com


Type your hindi poems in english like "Ye merii kavitaa hai".

(2) Right click and download this declaration document on your computer and fill it completely.

(3) Mail us filled declaration document, your photograph (should not be more than 150KB in size) and your Poem at following emailid - vishwas@kaavyanjali.com

Thats it!!!!

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Email : vishwas@kaavyanjali.com